Hike Hong Kong

It’s December, and I’m sitting in my living room wearing a short sleeve shirt with our sliding glass door open.  Temperatures are still in the mid-high 70’s, Sean is still growing a garden, and last weekend we were at the beach.  As a New Englander, this is the life!  This is Hong Kong’s reward to everyone … More Hike Hong Kong

Hong Kong Friendsgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Hong Kong!  I can now officially enjoy the Christmas decorations being put up all over the city, instead of internally stewing about it being “too soon”.  I like my holidays one-at-a-time people.  It’s also funny living in such a warmer climate.  You’re at the beach one day and planning your Black Friday list the next – … More Hong Kong Friendsgiving

Viva Hong Kong! Part 1: HK Island Ultimate Travel Guide

“Some cities light up after dark.” Welcome to Hong Kong!  Besides a short post about our neighborhood of North Point, I really haven’t written about our favorite Asian city: Hong Kong!  Since moving here a year and half ago, Sean and I still are completely in love with this city.  There is something so magical … More Viva Hong Kong! Part 1: HK Island Ultimate Travel Guide

Home Sweet Home

There has been so much “new” since moving to Hong Kong that I didn’t really know where to start diving into this blog.  I thought the best place was at our center: our home. After I was told that we were moving over to Hong Kong, everything was in such a whirlwind.  I only went … More Home Sweet Home