Singapore 2018

It’s been a while, so hi!  I have gotten back into writing recently, so you will have some weekly posts ahead starting with my recent trip to Singapore, then a 5-part series on our Hawaiian holiday, and lastly a post on Cancun which we took back in May and I never got around to writing.

Quick life update:  Sean & I have purchased a house south of Boston so that’s super exciting.  Sean has had many man-projects, so he is completely in bliss.   The guy loves his projects!  So far we’ve painted all of the rooms, built planter boxes around the front driveway, built a cute little bar off the dining room, built a walk-in closet in our master, and put in a fence around the back yard for the dogs.  Speaking of dogs, we’ve gotten a new fur-baby named Lucy.  We wanted to get a playmate for Bailey as he was starting to act old.  He is 7, but he doesn’t need to remind us he is 7.  Anyway, he has been forced back into his youth with the help of a rambunctious little golden retriever puppy.  Also, the biggest news of all – Sean & I are expecting!  We are completely over the moon to be welcoming a baby boy the beginning of February 2019.

Most of my summer was spent enjoying the joys of pregnancy symptoms from the couch so no travelling and nothing particularly blog worthy.  Fortunately, we are at 6 months now so past all of that and we picked up the pace with a few recent trips, which leads me to this post, Singapore!


Sean and I visited Singapore 2 years ago (you can read about it here!) and I was heading back this year for 2 weeks for a work event.  This trip I stayed at the Marina Bay Sands (MBS for short).  MBS is internationally known for it’s architecture – it looks like a boat on top of three towers and is comprised of a hotel, luxury mall with high end restaurants, convention center, casino and contributes to 1.5-2% of Singapore’s GDP which is pretty insane.  It has a fantastic infinity pool at the top of it which gives an amazing view of Singapore skyline, especially at sunset.


Most of the time I spent working (or sleeping – hello pregnancy + jet lag), but after the event finished, I was able to catch up with some of my favorite girls, Sharon & Loris.  We met (along with Yoyo) and became close girlfriends when I was living in Hong Kong.  Recently, Sharon has moved to Singapore for work and Loris never passes up a chance to travel so took the quick flight from Hong Kong in for the weekend.

I met with Loris for afternoon tea in MBS at TWG tea.  We also sought out a dessert called Singapore Surprise, which is a like a custard with berries inside.


From tea, we decided to go out exploring until Sharon was finished with work.  We went to an Islamic section of Singapore, which Sean and I didn’t explore last time.  The area has a large mosque called Masjid Sulta and is located near Muscat Street.  In early 1900s, Singapore became an important center of Islamic commerce, culture and art, and as a result this mosque was built in 1929, officially completed in 1932.  The area around the mosque is full of little shops, restaurants, and coffee shops all.  It’s quite different from the tall modern architecture of Singapore, which you can see as the backdrop.



A bit more exploring around the city…  I love the mix of architecture.

We met Sharon for pre-dinner drinks at a great spot called Smoke & Mirrors.  Always leave it to Sharon to find the best places to go.  It was on the top floor of the National Gallery and had a great view of the bay looking at MBS.  If you ever go, I definitely recommend getting reservations as it seemed to fill up once the Finance district was out of work.  I mean who wouldn’t want to go there – look at the views!


We had dinner at National Kitchen by Violet Oon, which serves Peranakan or Nyonya cuisine.    This comes from the Peranakans, which are the descendants of early Chinese migrates who settled in Penang, Malacca, Singapore and Indonesia mixing with the local Malays.  The cuisine is quite unique, with influences from all of these regions.  The restaurant is also in the National Gallery, hense the name.  Sharon grew up in Singapore, so we left the ordering to her.  It was, of course, amazing except for the one dish of Chicken with Keluak.  The dish arrived, and our waiter was explaining how to eat the dish but I guess Sharon, Loris nor I was really listening.  The chicken was amazing – almost melt in your mouth and it was in a nice curry spice sauce.  What we noticed is that it looked like there were three large black rocks in the dish.  We figured this was added as part of the cooking process.  When we were finished, our waiter asked why we didn’t try them.  Turns out, they were actually large nuts and he encouraged all of us to try.  We did – it was super salty/gritty taste, I guess maybe one of those acquired tastes.  After we all tried it, the waiter explained why this is a special nut.  It actually contains hydrogen cyanide and is deadly poisonous if consumed without properly cooking.  Not what a pregnant lady wants to hear.  However, this was a 5 star restaurant, and they ensured us it was cooked perfectly – but I would not recommend trying if you are also expecting!  Not worth the stress.

BTW – I’ve gone to a baby appointment since trying the nut.  All is well, no harm done 😀

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