Travel Tuesday: Travel Encounters

#TravelTuesday : Travel Encounters with Folia Water.

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After a great vacation in Chiang Mai, Thailand (read about that here!) we were in the airport waiting to board our flight back home to Hong Kong.  Trying to use the last of our Thai Bhat’s, we purchased a few beers from one of the airport gift shops as one last tribute to the holiday.  We had a couple come up to us and ask where we got the beers, so we pointed out the shop and after they purchased, they sat behind us and we all started talking.

Turns out, we had casually bumped into the founders of the company Folia Water, who created a “Drinkable Book”.  This book is contains 50 filter pages which can filter water from harmful bacteria and water born illness, such as cholera or e.coli for just pennies.  It can provide safe drinking water for a family for up to 1 year or an individual for 4 years.  A week later, it was a coincidence when we were back in Hong Kong, we caught them on TV when we were watching Innovation Nation.  Check them out here.

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