Summer 2017


Welcome back to HBWT.  It’s been awhile and I’ve missed writing.  I seem to do my best writing in airports and since moving back to the US, I haven’t been travel as frequently.  Since this was primarily a travel blog, I kind of lost focus and time got away.  I guess now I’ll have to readjust to my new norm, which means I’ll have plenty of writing time as Sean thoroughly committed to Sunday night football and his fantasy league.  #Relatable.   So don’t worry – I’m back and I have plenty of stories left.

As I said, I’ve been traveling less frequently.  I also did a mini social media cleanse.  I had originally intended to stay off everything tech for 1 month but then Sean & I were still in the middle of catching on Game of Thrones and well.. See how addicting technology is?  Anyway, I limited to a social media cleanse instead – no snapchat, facebook, instagram, (committed reader since 2005).   Instead, I found all this extra time which meant I took Bailey on longer walks, Sean and I explored Boston and I caught up on reading.  It was quite nice to text a friend to see what they have been up to and ACTUALLY not know.

Since I mentioned Bailey, why not throw in a picture of him just for fun.

Always a cutie!

Being back online now, I do have a few posts to update you on (Versailles, Maine, Detroit, Cape Cod) and they will be coming out over the next few weeks.  So besides not really traveling and internet detoxing, what have I’ve been up to?

My summer was super busy.  Moving back to the US, I’m closer to family & friends.  Living across the world for a few years tends to give you a good excuse for missing events or celebrations.  Being only a few hours from home does not.  Meaning my summer consisted of dinners, birthdays, bridal/baby showers, weddings, bachelorettes.. and the list goes on.. But of course, we were super excited to be part of everything and now I get to share and fill you in too.

Now, the biggest part of the summer… the weddings!  All 9 of them.  We attended our last wedding of the season last weekend.

Starting at the beginning.. Sean & I.   By the way, Sean and I are married.  Just throwing that in there.  When we moved back to the U.S. we decided to throw ourselves a little welcome home party, which was really a cover up for our wedding announcement.  All of you that guessed there was something suspicious – good job – however, you can never throw out that I wouldn’t throw my own party just for the sake of a party ( I do love a good roof top and open bar).  So long story short, we are married and we really enjoyed sharing it with all of our family and friends.  Shout out to Meghan for being our speech giver.



img_8018.jpgNow to share some pictures of the weddings we attended.  All of the wedding invites were able to make a great way to fill up our kitchen chalkboard (which we actually ran out of room on).  So thank you for the great wall decor 🙂  Your invites are still very loved.

Congratulations to all of our families and friends who celebrated your big day this year.  We were so grateful to be part of your big days.  One disclaimer in advance… by the grace of God, most of our weddings were with completely different family and friend circles, so Sean and I were frequent repeat outfit offenders.  Again and again.  🙂





There was also a few bachelor & bachelorette’s thrown in there but I’ll let those pictures stay between the parties.

With love,

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