Paris in the Spring


Miss me?  I’m sorry I’ve gone a bit off the radar for the past month.  If you’ve been following me on Instragram or Snapchat (find me at:  kristyne.hall), you’ve seen life has been a bit crazy lately.

Before I get into the real travel post, I’ll start with a little life update.  Sean and I have officially moved from Hong Kong to Boston, MA.  We are so happy to be back in the US, closer to family & friends.  We got to spend Easter with both sides over the weekend, which really is a luxury you appreciate after spending two years across the world.  We found a fantastic apartment in a great neighborhood just outside of Boston proper.  It’s double the size of our Hong Kong apartment and we not only have the luxury of having a toaster (which no longer lives under the couch) but also a blender AND an oven.  #livinglarge

Sean started a new engineering job in the Seaport district and although he has only worked there for 1 day so far, he really likes the company.  Bailey has assimilated back to US life quite nicely and is making lots of friends as the local dog park.  He is actually allowed to rough play with the other dogs now; something that we weren’t really able to let him do with the designer dogs in HK.

Amid the move, I also had a work trip where I was able to spend two weeks in France!  It’s been about 5 years since I’ve been back to Europe and I forgot how beautiful it is.  Paris in the springtime is simply stunning.  The French architecture in the city center is gorgeous, the weather was beautiful and the flowers were all in bloom.  I took an overnight flight from Boston and arrived to Charles de Gaulle in the morning on Sunday so I was able to have most of the day before having to start work Monday.  After freshening up at the hotel, I took an uber to Avenue des Champs in the center near Arc de Triomphe to meet up with a friend for some shopping.  From plane to store in 1.5 hours.. not bad.  Note to self – leave half of your suitcase empty next time you go!   Even if you are familiar with some of the international stores, they all carry different collections.

Since it was such a nice day, we spent most of the day strolling around Paris and ended up in a cafe for a late lunch.  Here are a few pictures from around the city.

As I’ve been to Paris a few times before, I didn’t do anything super touristy.  I would like to go back, but I knew this trip would be quite busy and I really enjoyed spending just a relaxing day as a true Parisian.  Sean has never been to Paris, so one of the next times I’m there I hope to have him come along and we can do the full Paris tour together:  go to the Louve, up the Eiffel Tower, down underneath Paris in the Catacombs (which I highly recommend!)  I did take an 1.5 hour river tour on the Siene around sunset.  Paris is a great city to do this as many of the attractions are along the river.  I’m pretty sure the boat tour was not BYOW but Carrie and I happened upon a wine shop right before and who does not enjoy a glass or two of French Rosé by boat.  #yolo

The rest of the week was nice, but I was mostly in the office and having a few late dinners, nothing too exciting to write about.   I maintained a healthy French diet of wine and baguettes and have no regrets.

Stay tuned for my week in Versailles in the next post.  I also have a few exciting things that are in the works, and hope to share with you soon!

Talk soon,
xx Kristyne

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