Boston Bound

Hello from Bean Town!

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Sorry for the lapse in posts while I moved my life across the world.  The past month has been quite busy: transitioning in jobs, work travel & workshops and of course the big move from Hong Kong to Boston.  We made it and are officially Bostonians…well as Bostonian as you can get in 4 days.  Basically we know the metro is called the T.

We were very lucky to find an apartment before we actually moved so we had a place to settle the day we landed.  I credit my personal realtor, Sean, for his many hours on Zillow & past years of watching House Hunters which have prepped him for finding us a great apartment with two off-street parking spots (aka pure gold during the Boston winter).  We so far love the apartment and the neighborhood, but are in the awkward moving transition phase waiting for everything to be delivered: our shipment of things from HK, our furniture that was in storage while we were away, and the delivery of some new furniture we have purchased here.  I can’t wait to settle in, but until then we are back in a semi-college phase of sleeping on an air mattress & living out of 2 suitcases (#livinglarge).

We are still discovering Boston & our neighborhood.  Of course I’ve been to Boston many times, but I’m seeing it in a new light actually living here.  I’ll start to write posts on that soon.. however, in the meantime we are also re-discovering living in the US.  We have been back several times since we left, but now being back for good we are starting to realize all of these things we once took for granted or are vastly different than living in Hong Kong (like I think it’s safe to say we probably won’t have to endure the smell of walking by Hong Kong meat market in mid-summer… I can’t say I’ll miss that).

4 Things I’ve Noticed in 4 Days of Moving Back to the US:

  1. Closet Space.  Hong Kong living is tight.. Really tight.  I knew I was living back in the luxury of the US when I can own both a hair straightener & a curling iron separately.  No more combo tool for me!  Really though, we no longer have to store our toaster under the couch.  Let’s just say Hong Kong space optimization is all about creativity.
  2. Coffee. Welcome back to the beautiful world of Keurig.  There is something comforting about starting your morning with a big cup of American coffee.  It lasts more than 2 minutes like an espresso, you can drink it iced, there are infinite flavors & coffee creamers.  It’s all very exciting.
  3. Non IKEA furniture options.  Hong Kong is an amazing city, but it is EXPENSIVE, especially with home goods.  There is no such thing as a Target or TJMaxx that give you affordable furniture or home decor options, and when you know you are only there for a few years it’s not worth it to splurge on soemthing you will have to sell off.  So, this leaves you with IKEA and there is only so much you can buy from there before people you invite over start to notice your apartment is basically their 2016 catalog.
  4. Grocery shopping.  Food shopping in Hong Kong is just different.  Of course being in Asia, stores cater more to local population.  You can go to more Western stores like grEAT or City Super and pay $25US for lunch meat (I’m talking like 1/2 lb of roast turkey).  But even beyond prices, there are sooo many options in the US.  It’s luxury with aisles of yogurt options & cereals. Honestly in the past two years I haven’t really been into a super market here in the US, so let me tell you, doing our grocery shopping yesterday was like heaven.

I have another busy few weeks ahead.  I leave this weekend for another few weeks of work travel.  I don’t know how people that are constantly on the road do it.  I’ve taken only a few trips this year and I’m exhausted.  I am counting down to the days that can curl up on my (to be delivered) couch and spend the morning watching Netflix (on my TV which is en route from Hong Kong and not using a VPN service).  It’s crazy when you have to schedule things like this… Just in case you were wondering, this will be my morning on April 9th.

Let the countdown begin…


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