Biking in Nam Sang Wai


Even after living in Hong Kong for coming up on 2 years, we are constantly finding new places to explore.  Sean has been wanting to rent bikes in Hong Kong for quite some time. On Hong Kong island, at least in the city, this would be quite a challenge.  The streets are so congested there really is no place to ride a bike.  So this left us with going off the island (shock!) to the New Territories.

img_5965After a bit of googling one Sunday morning, we found a recommended bike route in Nam Sang Wai, which is quite close to the China border.  It was a bit hazy the day that we went, but we could still make out the skyscrapers of Shenzhen, China in the distance.  It took about 45 minutes by MTR to get there from where we live in North Point.  We rented bikes at Tin Fung Bicycle Company for only $7USD for the full day (bargain!) and were on our way.

The whole loop only takes about 2 hours and is quite a leisurely ride.  Most of it runs along the Kam Tai river through the wetlands and salt marshes.  It’s a bit strange to associate wetlands with Hong Kong, as it’s drastically different than the other areas:  the city, mountains or islands you’d typically go to.  I think the right word to describe it would be rustic.  Of course the wetlands bring a lot of wildlife, along with a lot of bird watchers.  They flock to the area (get it..) ;-).

Nam Sang Wai is considered Hong Kong’s “last piece of pure land” as it’s really left untouched by too much of the city development.  You see abandoned farms and houses that are dotted along the route.

We also passed a small park, which to Sean’s delight had people flying helicopters & drones.  Sean is an avid drone flyer.  Buying him another drone to add to his collection is always a safe bet / go-to gift.

About 2/3rd into the bike route, you get to a river crossing.  To continue the route, you can cross the river on a sort of make-shift ferry run by locals.  And by ferry, I really mean a giant row boat.  It’s quite a funny sight, you have a bunch of guys hanging out on the river drinking beer and barbecuing taking turns rowing this giant floating platform back and forth across the river.  Not a bad day job.  It costs 6HKD (less than $1 US, and an extra 17 cents for your bike).  Fun fact:  This is now the only river crossing ferry in Hong Kong.

It was really a great way to spend a Sunday and see a new part of Hong Kong.

Til next time,
xx Kristyne
















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