Travel Tuesday: Engagement

#TravelTuesday:  Travel through a pictures.

img_6781Happy Valentines Day!  I figured today was the perfect excuse to be a little sappy and share why the Grand Canyon will always be one of my top favorite places in the world.  Sean and I have been together for about 8 years, and have been happily engaged for almost 2.  I like to think that I have brought out the adventurous traveler in him over the years and we both love exploring and traveling the world together (we know we are super fortunate that we are a couple that actually enjoys spending time together).  It was quite fitting he planned our engagement on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

We were in Vegas for a week and of course took a few days for a little side trip to road trip to the Hoover dam and the Grand Canyon.  After a tour of the Hoover Dam (Sean is an engineer so of course that was amazing for him), we arrived to the Grand Canyon late afternoon and checked in to this charming little private cabin maybe 30 feet from the edge of the rim.  Sean proposed at sunset while we were watching the sun set over the canyon with a bottle of wine.  It was absolutely perfect.

I hope you all find your perfect travel & life partner.  Love, love, love.

xx Kristyne



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