Travel Tuesday: Thai Food

#TravelTuesday : Travel through pictures.


You experience a culture through their food.  A typical Thai meal consists of a soup and/or curry dish, a salad, a fried dish and desserts.  Also, building each of the dishes in a meal are quite complex; a delicate balance of sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spice (yes all in one).  With all these dishes and flavors, there are a lot of ingredients!

During one of our trips to Thailand Sean and I attended a cooking class.  Today’s photo is from that class, showing all of the ingredients needed to prepare a single dish.  It sheds a bit of insight to the current Thai culture and the popularity of food hawkers (street stands).  With modern work days and other time requirements, it has become quite the norm for locals to eat out daily in markets, hawker stalls, and sharing food in groups or with friends instead of individually preparing their meals.

To read all about Sean and my travel adventures in Thailand check out both of my blog posts on Phuket in the South and Chiang Mai in the North:
Phuket, Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Want to know about Thai cuisine & eating habits:



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