Travel Tuesday: Chestnuts

#TravelTuesday : Travel through pictures.

Hong Kong Chestnut Street VendorsIMG_6056.JPG

“Chestnuts roasting by an open fire”  Although it’s past Christmas, we are still in the midst of winter, even in Hong Kong.  While our weather may not get all the way down to sub-zero temps, we do get enough of a chill in the air to break out our jackets and scarves.  Nothing says winter more than walking down a city block past the tantalizing smell of roasting chestnuts.

Hong Kong street vendors sell these delicious wintery treats throughout the fall & winter months.  The street carts slow-roast chestnuts in giant woks filled either with hot cinders or hot rocks heated over flames.  Also popular, at the same stand you can find baked sweet potatoes, which are imported from Japan and have a white center instead of yellow/orange.  I pass the one in the photo on my walk home from work and the sweet potato makes a great dish for someone in a bind for dinner ideas.


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