Hong Kong Friendsgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Hong Kong!  I can now officially enjoy the Christmas decorations being put up all over the city, instead of internally stewing about it being “too soon”.  I like my holidays one-at-a-time people.  It’s also funny living in such a warmer climate.  You’re at the beach one day and planning your Black Friday list the next – something feels out of place.  #NewEnglander

Okay, back to the holiday at hand… Sean and I decided to throw a little “Friendsgiving” get together at our place.  I’m so thankful for the people that we have met in Hong Kong – they are such amazing people!

Friendsgiving 2016


We rented the club house on the 5th floor of our apartment building for the afternoon. Remember, Hong Kong apartments are basically an upgraded dorm room so we needed a place to fit a bigger group.  It also had an oven – score!  We had all of the Thanksgiving fixings, with the exception of Turkey.  It’s really hard (and expensive) to find a Turkey over here, so Sean carved up three roasted Chickens instead, and no one was the wiser.  The rest of the menu was: mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce (flown over from the US thanks to Kate’s family), vegetable lasagna, brussel sprouts, homemade pumpkin pie (complements of Chef Yoyo), and pecan pie.

I hope everyone had a great holiday as well!  Sean and I are still finalizing the details of coming back to the States for Christmas, but we will keep you posted.  Will definitely be home for Miller Christmas on the 18th!   See everyone very soon!

xx Kristyne




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