Home Sweet Home

There has been so much “new” since moving to Hong Kong that I didn’t really know where to start diving into this blog.  I thought the best place was at our center: our home.

After I was told that we were moving over to Hong Kong, everything was in such a whirlwind.  I only went to view 6 apartments before choosing ours and fortunately, we really lucked out: the area is great and has a dog park for Bailey, it was close enough to my office that I could walk to work, and our building is really quiet (we don’t even think we have neighbors but Sean did see an Oreo delivery sent there once, so someone has to live there..right?)

We live in a neighborhood called North Point which is on the main island of Hong Kong, Hong Kong island.

North Point.png


Meat Market.PNG
Hong Kong Wet Market

We get the best of both worlds: we are close enough to everything without being “in it” all the time.  The area is a bit more “local”, meaning it’s not completely flooded with expats.  We walk through a wet market on the way to the dog park on Sunday mornings (ahhh nothing like open butcher shops in the morning), Sean gets his hair cut from a barber that does not speak English, and we need to walk up a monstrous “slope” every day.  Let me explain more about this name: the locals call it a slope; Sean and I call it Big Bertha.  I feel our name more accurately describes our climb.  Hong Kong is definitely the city of hills & stairs.

As I said, we really like the building we live in.  We have four fantastic doorman, which are all experts in opening up jars when Sean hadn’t moved over yet.  We have a gym (which we try to use), sauna (which we’ve never used), pool, karaoke room, and Mahjong room that you can rent out.  Very interesting mix of amenities.

Our apartment is small (as all of them are in Hong Kong – space is really a luxury.. so are ovens, since we don’t have one).  We have living room, kitchen, and two bedrooms which one we use as Sean’s office/closet/man cave.

Balcony and Sean’s garden:  cucumbers, peppers, radishes and tea

We are very fortunate to have big windows and a balcony which Sean spends a lot of time out there tending to 30/F garden.

View from our Balcony at night.  Photo credit to our great friend and extremely talented photographer Joe Foster.  You can find more of his work at http://www.dappstudios.com

I think Sean and I are pretty good minimalists.  We don’t acquire too much “stuff”, however we do realize that 500 sq feet of space is small!  I think we could definitely survive “Tiny House” living.  However, recently we have relented and upgraded our set of forks from only 4 to 8… #yolo

And the best part, ALL OF THIS CAN BE YOURS while you come over and visit us! We have been very lucky to have a few friends come over so far:  Dave & Kayla, Colie & Abel, Sean’s sister Kelly, Joe and his friends.   We have Kate & Chelsey coming in September, Sean’s parents coming in November, my sister coming in February.

We love hosting, so I hope this shameless plug gets you thinking about booking a trip!!

Till next time..

xx Kristyne

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