Have Bags, Will Travel. The Intro!


Hello, Everyone!!

Hooray!! Finally, I’m sitting down writing my first blog post.  This is something that I have been meaning to do since I first moved out to Hong Kong, over a year ago.  I always knew I wanted a space to share this journey to give family and friends from home a glimpse into my life over here, but of course, the hardest thing is to actually start, so here I go.

Here is a picture of my Uncle Jimmy  & Aunt Mae


The name “Have Bags, Will Travel” is a saying that has been passed down in my family from my great-aunt, Aunt Mae.  My Aunt Mae was part of the Royal Travelers Club, which held monthly bus trips and she made a point to sign up for every one of them.


“Have Bags, Will Travel” basically encompasses so many things that I try to live up to in life: being adventurous, fearless, and taking advantage of all opportunities that life throws at me.  I believe that the best education you can get is through exploring and travel.  It introduces you to new ways of life, new cultures, and also to yourself.  While we are only in Hong Kong for a short time, Sean and I are trying to fit in A LOT of travel.  We have done a bunch of trips in 2016 that I will share more of, but we also have a very exciting and busy rest of the year:  work travel, fun travel, friends and family visits.

I also wanted to do this for a personal reason.  As I’ve mentioned, I’ve lived in Hong Kong now for over a year and WOW – time goes by so fast!  I wanted to take a few minutes each week to put intentional thought into appreciating everything the life that we get to experience over here.  Our new normal is completely opposite from our life back in the States, and I want to make sure I don’t forget all the little details: walking through the wet markets to get to the dog park, queuing to take a trolley, the smells (well some of those I would like to forget).

As Sean and I are exploring Hong Kong, Asia and any other places that life throws in our path, I hope you get to enjoy our adventures with us.  I’ve made a personal commitment to update one blog post per week, so stay tuned!

Till next time..

xx  Kristyne

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